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Yorkshire Paintball Centre "Walkons"

Hundreds of "Walkon" players choose to play at the Yorkshire Paintball Centre every year, in fact YPC has the most successful walkon series in the UK. These players are in the "Know" about paintball and the various other paintball centres around. Play where the smart players play - YPC.

What is a Walkon?
Paintball is such an adrenalin rush that people want to play over and over again. Lots of players like to own their own kit and use it when they play. Within Paintball these people are called "Walkons" as they walk on to a site with all their own kit. We hold monthly "Walkons" at YPC (Yorkshire Paintball Centre) just for these players.

Do I need my own kit to play at a Walkon?
Yes you do, these days it isn't as expensive to get your own kit as it used to be. You can get everything you need for as little as 100.

Where can I find out more information about walkons?
For more information on Walkons at YPC, or anywhere else in the UK, the best source is
www.talkpaintball.com This is our own forum with thousands of members from all over the UK. There is a section dedicated to different venues across the country. Of course you can always give us a call on 01757 289322.

Where can I get my own kit?
As luck would have it, the Yorkshire Paintball Centre owns the UK's largest Online Paintball Shop "Fat Bob's". You can get everything that you need to start playing "Walkons" or even professional paintball tournaments from "Fat Bob's". www.fatbobspaintball.co.uk

Professional Memberships
The Yorkshire Paintball Centre is an "Accredited" member of the UKPSF which is Paintballs governing body, assuring you of the highest standards in paintball at all times. YPC is also one of the Super6 organisers which host and promote the best Scenario games in the UK.

Walkon days are based in our purpose built "Walkon" safe area, first seen at the WOR4 big game. Individual bays for up to 180 players and we have 3000psi self fill air in the safe area. All players will be given full "Air Fill" training on the day making sure everyone plays in a safe and fun environment.

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Yorkshire Paintball Centre is a UKPSF Accredited Paintball Centre

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